How will Shopping Centre Managers Protect Shoppers during Covid 19?

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Property Management

COVID 19 is a fearful reality and is here to stay, for a while at least. According to those in the know we could be looking at 12-18 months before a vaccine is available.

Knowing this, how do we go back into society unaffected by the lockdown we are currently enduring? How do we resume ‘retail therapy’ when this so called ‘therapy’ could possibly infect us with the dreaded virus?

Whilst we know that social distancing is imperative, how do we ensure that this takes place in our Shopping Malls? Will there be some control measure in place to limit the number of patrons allowed in? Will this count be carried out at the parking areas? Will there be an actual security guard at the boom counting how many cars enter the parking lot? Will they tally how many passengers are in said cars so that the Mall’s capacity is not exceeded? Not forgetting to consider the patrons that arrive on foot.

In a business where increasing the foot traffic is its most important KPI, Social Distancing is throwing it a huge curve ball!

Many stores have had to close their doors during the lockdown and will have to recoup lost turnover as quickly as possible. This will prove challenging if the number of patrons into the Mall needs to be limited to maintain social distancing.

Centre Managers now need to look at ways of limiting the number of patrons entering their Malls, guaranteeing, as far as possible, their safety and all this whilst ensuring the shopper has a pleasant shopping experience and the tenants trade enough to recover past losses. Tough times ahead indeed. 

How will Centre Management protect shoppers during Covid 19:

  • Limit foot traffic to allow for social distancing.
  • Employ added security to enforce safety measures (every shopper to wear a mask/face covering).
  • Increase cleaning staff using disinfectants in common areas.
  • Ensure tenants take necessary precautions to keep their staff and customers safe.

Management in shopping malls can only do so much to limit the number of patrons, increase hygiene in common areas and rely on the tenants to take precautions to keep their staff and customers safe, but ultimately it is up to us as individuals to act responsibly when out in public.

Whilst our economy is facing a challenge, business needs to bounce back as quickly as possible and this starts with the right hiring decision.

We, at Ability Executive Recruitment have put processes in place to assist our clients in recruiting during these trying times by:

  • Facilitating video interviews:
  • Preparing the candidate for face-to-face interviews (no hand shaking, personal hygiene, social distancing, etc).
  • Background screening.

Stay safe South Africa!

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