5 Tips for Employers to Attract Top Candidates During COVID19

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Management

As we know many companies are experiencing a “crunch” during this Covid-19 pandemic and every decision they make will impact their bottom line.

Some businesses will, sadly, not survive this crisis, but for others this is an opportunity to grab talent that has been let go elsewhere. With many companies retrenching and some people taking this time to re-assess their lives, their career choices and their current jobs, the market is flooded with top talent just waiting to be picked up.

Those businesses deemed “Essential Services” have experienced an increase in demand and this leads to a shortage of staff.  Apart from the health care workers, other in-demand jobs are; security: to ensure health and safety measures at various public sites, cleaners: to ensure hygiene procedures are in place, front line/call centre staff to assist with customer service, shelf packers to restock empty shelves, drivers to deliver goods …the list is endless.

With the lockdown allowing fewer imports, the manufacturing sector could also see a spike and with this comes a demand for more workers. Courier and Delivery services – with more and more businesses expanding into the on-line sales arena – are also enjoying more activity. All these people need to be managed, so the management tier will also need to be bulked up.

Whilst you need to act quickly to beat your competitors in employing that gem, don’t rush your hiring process.

The 5 tips below will assist in tapping into the best pool of applicants:


With so many people at home and constantly online lapping up every morsel of news relating to their respective industries, this is the perfect time to make contact. People will be more flexible to chat, to respond to job ads, to take calls and interact, than they would if they were in an office environment.  Advertise your vacancies but be careful where you post those ads – you want to attract quality not quantity. Choosing the right sites or talent pools are crucial.  Another avenue you could take is enlisting the help of a recruitment agency. They will sift through all the ad response, screen out unsuitable candidates and provide you with a suitable shortlist – eliminating the frustration you will undoubtably experience if you advertise the job yourself.


Google your company – what reviews has your organisation received from Joe Public? Based on those reviews would you want to work for you?  Your organisation may have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to recruit top talent in search of work, but you need to frame your recruitment process as if you were influencing an investment decision. In other words, why should they choose you? Build a brand that candidates can relate to and would want to work for. Many people may be out of work through no fault of their own, but still want to join a company which best ‘fits’ them.  Leverage your website and social media accounts to sell yourself as an employer who is driven by passion and purpose rather than profit.


With a much larger remote workforce than the economy has ever seen, you will need to explore alternative communication channels beyond phone calls.  While face-to-face interactions are discouraged, connect with job applicants over email, text or social media. Video interviews over software such as Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts can benefit your hiring process by giving everyone on the interview panel a chance to assess each applicant, increasing the likelihood of hiring the best fit for the role.


If you want to capture top talent you need to act quickly or your competitors may beat you to the punch. On the other side of this equation are those unemployed people who want to start working as soon as possible. So speeding up your recruitment processes will benefit both your company and the applicants you hope to recruit. But don’t cut corners – choose a screening service that can provide employee background checks in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.  Providing new employees with digitised onboarding documents to review and sign before their fist day of work will also cut down on time.


The best way to attract top talent is with a competitive salary package as applicants are more likely to accept the job with the highest compensation package and best added benefits. If you cannot afford to offer an industry leading salary you can still incentivise candidates to join your team with other perks such as:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Company sponsored gym memberships or wellness programs
  • Group benefits (retirement and medical schemes)
  • Childcare reimbursement

No one can know for certain what the future holds or how the economy will recover, but armed with these recruitment tips, you will certainly boost your workforce to help you overcome any challenge.

Published by Luisa Da Silva, Property Executive Recruiter, 010 593 4901

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