What’s Happening to IT Recruitment

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Insights, IT Insights

New technology is increasing every day and this is nowhere more evident in the field of IT recruitment. Qualifications that were more than adequate six months ago are now regarded as insufficient for what is happening in the present.

It used to be the case that new graduates could take their pick of jobs after leaving college that is no longer the case. Because there is such high competition, IT recruitment is becoming more rigorous.

Some companies are cutting back on full time IT staff and outsourcing for temporary and part time staff. This is making it more difficult for new graduates to get on the first rung of the ladder in an IT career.

Increasingly IT specialists are turning to recruitment agencies in their search for work. In the UK a number of specialist IT recruitment agencies have opened up. This is advantageous for graduates who will submit their resume or CV to the agency and probably undergo some sort of test or evaluation of their skill level. Some of these agencies look to place candidates in permanent full time employment while others guarantee regular temporary work to IT consultants on their books.

At the moment people searching for IT jobs need all the help they can get as this is such a competitive market. Using a good IT recruitment agency is probably the best way of gaining employment in the field of IT. A good agency will locate suitable positions for you and then liaise with your prospective employer on your behalf.

If you’ve never used a recruitment agency before then you might not know what to expect from one. Specialized IT recruitment agencies are useful because they keep on top of what is happening in this constantly changing market.

Employers’ IT needs can vary from one week to the next therefore it makes sense to sign up with agencies which specialize in recruiting for the IT market. A reliable IT recruitment agency will have good links with a number of IT departments – this gives them a much greater insight into matching IT professionals with what employers’ need. The agency acts as a middleman between a company and a prospective employee.

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